Traveling labor and delivery nurse Simone Duncan knows a few things for sure: epidurals are legit, other people are better in small doses, and relationships are less messy when everyone’s clear on the expiration date. With eight weeks left on her Manhattan contract, a fling with sexy cage fighter Gabe Diaz is just what the doctor ordered. He’s exactly her type—temporary.

White Crane Kung Fu Academy’s world champion Gabe is on the outs with his grandmaster. With a rival ready to take his place, Gabe’s dream of taking over White Crane is dead. His financial future now depends on gaining pro MMA status. Only two wins away from a big career break, injuries threaten to set him back. If he can keep his chemistry with Simone from becoming a distraction, a nurse in his corner could give him the edge he needs.

What starts as minor wound care quickly leads to major feelings when Simone’s intimate brand of after-hours nursing exposes Gabe’s only weakness—love. He won’t settle for anything less, and he certainly didn’t earn his black belt by giving up. With Simone determined to keep things smoking-hot and meaning-free, Gabe must prove his life’s about more than making weight and going pro. But with the clock on her contract ticking, Simone’s refusal to plant her feet and drop her guard could wind up breaking both their hearts.

A finalist for the 2018 Golden Heart® award and showcased in Pitch Wars 2017, LOVE IN SMALL DOSES (formerly HOW TO RESET A BROKEN HEART) is a diverse, 91,000-word contemporary romance inspired by my fourteen years as a labor and delivery nurse and my son’s kung fu education. Turns out delivering a baby, becoming a champion, and falling in love aren’t so different.