Behind The Scenes

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Happy endings are guaranteed on number one reality show Matched where a relationship expert and a hand-picked panel of family and friends help select the star’s perfect match. Ambitious producer Ginger Moon has given the better part of her youth to the hit show, and her hard work is about to pay off. Up for the executive gig on an overseas franchise, Ginger has a chance to reach the top of her career—if she can produce one more happy ending.

America may have been shocked when last season’s panel rejected Matched’s swooniest contestant ever, but Elliot Hale left heartbroken. Trusting his own panel to keep him from blindly falling in love again, Elliot is back for the famous Matched guarantee: marriage with a compatible partner. No more, no less. His insufferably hot producer only has three rules as production kicks off: trust the process, answer the phone when she calls, and Do. Not. Ever. Bring up that night at the Hilton.

After last season wrapped Ginger may have taken her crush on Elliot Hale a teensy bit too far. Now, on her make-or-break season, on-screen romances are falling flat while their sexual tension behind the scenes quickly reaches a boiling point. Desperate to keep the secret that could cost Ginger her career, she’ll pull out all the stops to keep Elliot’s head in the game. But when her big twist backfires, producing the most romantic season ever means someone else will wind up matched with the man she loves.

Coming February 2022 from Tule Publishing!