finishing My Unfinished Heart

Sent out my first five queries for the revised version of My Unfinished Heart. I stopped at five because I got nervous. I’m perfecting my synopsis (all the various versions of it) before sending more out.

I aimed kind of high with this first round of queries and I’m not sure if that was a mistake or not. Who knows in this game, right? It’s a hard book to nail down, and I’m not great at comp titles or selling my own self in a way that isn’t super boring, but I guess I hope the meat of the query is intriguing enough. I’m a hundred percent sure the actual book is good enough.

I had to take a step back from The Professor and Miss St. James because of one aspect of plot late in the book that’s no longer sitting well with me. I did have some polite rejections from my round of querying it and one partial request, so I don’t think it’s hopeless.

The truth is, I always wanted My Unfinished Heart to be first. I just could never figure out how to boil it down into a query letter. With a little help from a friend, I think I have something I can work with now. Fingers crossed.

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